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Working groups / Projects
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Working groups / Projects

Cologne Laboratory of Shiftwork and Sleep (CLOSS)

The CLOSS Working Group examines stress and strain due to shift-work from different angles, including:

  • Epidemiological assessments of shift-work-associated stress and strain
  • Systematic literature syntheses regarding different endpoints (co-)determined by shift-work
  • Conducting observational studies in shift personnel (for instance before and after changing shift-work schedules
  • Participating in international studies of chronodisruption and possible cancer developments in humans


Update of the AWMF-Guideline "Working under the influence of infrared radiation - hazard and damage of eyes and skin"


Perinatal Light Imprinting of Circadian Clocks & Systems (PLICCS)

PLICCS represents a potential ubiquitous developmental origin of susceptibility to circadian-associated diseases in humans. Our PLICCS research entails:

  • Systematic literature reviews of PLICCS associations with various endpoints
  • Investigating PLICCS associations with different circadian-associated diseases in humans through epidemiological studies
  • Collaborating with international circadian biologists, epidemiologists, and representatives of geographically diverse cohorts