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  • Lectures
    The current lecture schedules can be found in KLIPS 2.0/ILIAS. Lecture content will be digitally available in ILIAS shortly after each lecture. Note, the lectures are to be held in-person.
  • Compendia
    The "Cologne Compendium of Occupational Medicine (KKA)" as well as the "Small Cologne Compendium of Environmental Medicine (KKKU)" will available in print to all students registered with KLIPS 2.0 for “Occupational Medicine, Social Medicine” and for “Clinical Environmental Medicine”, respectively. You will receive your free copy during the corresponding introductory lectures (see lecture plans).
  • Exams
    Performance assessments are essentially based on the content of the lectures. The compendia can be additionally helpful in the preparation. Students in Studium Integrale do not have to sit exams.
  • Elective Module
    The elective module "Assessing Pulmonary Function - Clinical Aspects" will be held in-person. Please understand that the course cannot take place if the number of participants is too low. For more information on the elective module, please see the tab "Wahlblock Lungenfunktionsuntersuchungen".
  • Evaluation
    To keep teaching as appropriate and as effective possible, please fill in evaluation of the course on KLIPS 2.0 after the respective module.



Within the medical faculty we teach students within "Occupational Medicine/Social Medicine" and within "Clinical Environmental Medicine".
Across faculties, students of human medicine as well as of health economics, Versorgungswissenschaften, and of Studium integrale/Integrated Studies participate in our teaching modules.

Since 2004, we conduct the accredited master of science program "International Master of Environmental Health Sciences [IMES]" together with five further faculties of the University of Cologne.

We supervise Scientific Projects as well as Doctoral Dissertations (Dr. med., Dr. med. dent.) and Master Theses.

Telephone: +49 221 478-76781
Registration for respective courses via KLIPS 2.0.