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In the recent pandemic years, we contributed, inter alia, extensive and timely research on Covid-19 mortality burden in Germany and the federal states in order to understand the pandemic profile and to provide results that can assist with political decision-makers.

Our expertise includes Occupational Medicine, Environmental Medicine, and Prevention Research with a focus on Chronobiology. Chronobiology refers to internal 24-clock (or circadian timing system) that is present in every bodily cell and provides temporal organisation to our physiology. Our team is trained in occupational and environmental medicine, physiology, epidemiology, and public health. We use Epidemiology and Literature-based research methods and we collaborate on various projects with researchers from across the globe. Our goal is to reduce the burden of ill health and disease, ideally by means of prevention.

Core areas of our diverse research include:

  • Development of epidemiological methods for circadian biology.
  • Sunlight, Chronobiology, Architecture.
  • Chronobiological stress and strain of night- and shift-work.
  • Environmental time cues than may contribute to/alleviate chronobiological stress and strain.
  • The influence of perinatal light/photoperiod on health and disease in children, adolescents and adults.


Shiftwork, cancer, sleep, chronotype, light, meal-timing, activity-timing, perinatal, PLICCS, neonatal intensive care, daylight savings time, urban light pollution, Circadian epidemiology, urbanisation.

Artificial Intelligence

Following the release of "game-changing" large language model "ChatGPT" for use in the public domain, we have explored its usage from ethical points of you in the domains of research, teaching, and medicine.”

Protection of workers

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Chronobiology, Ethics, and Public Health

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