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The International Master of Environmental Sciences (IMES) was developed in 2004 by representatives of six Cologne Faculties, including the Medical Faculty with Prof. Dr. Thomas Erren as coordinator. It has been accredited in 2007. Foreign students from all over the world graduate in IMES after passing four terms in two years.

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Recommended reading:
Human frontiers, environments and disease. Past patterns uncertain futures.
A. McMichael
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2001. ISBN: 0521-00494-2; ISBN: 0521-80311-X.
or at: https://academic.oup.com/ije/article/30/6/1502/651826

Environment, Health and Sustainable Development.
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Lectures Winter Term 2021/2022  | Download 

Due to COVID-19 control measures in operation at the University and the University Hospital, there will be no in-class lecture for this summer semester. Instead, lecture content will be emailed to registered students on the planned lecture dates in MS PowerPoint slide with accompanying audio and/or PDF formats.

End of semester exam will take place online, you will be invited per email.

Please contact Judith Mohren at or Gabriela Adams at with any queries you may have regarding these changes.

We wish you much success for the coming semester!

Univ-Prof. Dr. Thomas C. Erren (module coordinator)